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10/6 - New show at Red Clay Theater with Jacob Harshman & Brennen Henson: Link Here

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You and me. Your friends and my friends: we believe the human idea that music is the greatest commonality between two people. Brash and brazen songwriting from Atlanta, Georgia will turn a crowd into a pack, and you're the alpha. 

Let's get primal.


- Brett


(in addition to mammals, Brett also gets along quite well with amphibians.)

Brett Miciek is the Atlanta native of Many Mammals who is searching to escape the suburbs. He has played music for almost 5 years, learning how to yell and sing in the city of open mics.

Many Mammals' sharpened lyrics contrast sweet-tone melodies, like a walk with a bear in the woods. Varied and engaging, his unique live shows transform into a release of nervous energy and a call to the wild.

Despite expressing full mammal equality, Brett strongly advocates for human superiority, supporting causes such as pet ownership and public pet nudity. 

This not-so-solo project is a collaboration between the listener and the listening: without one, the other cannot exist. It is an honest search for a connection and a deeper desire for interaction, and Brett is always hunting. 

After all, he is only human.


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